SIMULATED MUZZLE FLASH SYSTEM – Commercial Range 4 Star Package




  • Reactionary Gap (RG) Muzzle Flash Simulation System is complete with everything your private range business needs to affix to your existing cardboard or steel target. Train like never before, teaching survival skills to an immediate deadly threat from a firearm.   
  • Simulated muzzle flash/sound allows range staff to evaluate your customer’s firearm skills and tactics.  Range staff will be provided instant feedback with customers movement, draws, reloads, clearing malfunctions and accuracy.
  • Range staff will no longer need to shout verbal commands (shoot, gun, etc.)  to begin the live fire training for their customer.  Now,  The Simulated Muzzle Flash System will fire upon the shooter by range staff, improving reaction times to address the threat in a more realistic environment.  
  • The Muzzle Flash Simulation System was carefully designed to create a stressful environment for your range training. Why? To offer customers the chance to draw, move and shoot quickly in compressed timeframes. Speed tends to accentuate errors, and errors will clearly demonstrate where range staff needs to provide additional training and instruction.
  • The Muzzle Flash Simulations System is perfect for dry fire training. Gain meaningful repetitions, while saving your ammunition.
  • RG’s new technology brings a challenging option to your range training in ALL lighting conditions….daylight, no light or low light.
  • Bluetooth Earbud Headphones (placed under hearing protection) allows your customer to experience a realistic sound of gunfire, timed perfectly with the Bluetooth Muzzle Flash Device.  
  • RG provides another option to hear the sound of gunfire, opposed to the Bluetooth Earbuds Headphones. A portable/rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker can take the place of the individual Earbud Headphones.  The 800 Watt, incredibly loud speaker is offered for range staff to train larger numbers of customers quickly, compared to the Bluetooth Earbud Headphone option.    The sound of gunfire can be clearly heard through the customer’s hearing protection. 
  • A steel punch is included, allowing range staff to prepare your cardboard/paper target for the perfect fit of the muzzle flash device.
  • Scan the included QR Code to download the free RG App.
  • The RG App (available for both IOS or Android devices) provides range staff full control when to fire The Simulated Muzzle Flash System.  Another feature is the ‘Automatic Fire’ option, allowing hands-free firing.  Choose between equally spaced time firings or the ‘Random Fire Mode’ to push skills. 
  • If your customer accidentally shoots the muzzle flash device or a cable, they can both be replaced quickly, getting your range staff back to valuable reality-based-training.
  • Replacement muzzle flash devices are fairly priced to allow sustainment training.   The muzzle flash device will more than likely become damaged by a bullet/projectile before failing from use.  Each muzzle flash device will fire in excess of 100,000 times.
  • Couplers and splitters are included, allowing range staff to link one target to the system or multiple targets.   After attaching a cable to the receiver, use a splitter before connecting to the muzzle flash device.  The splitter allows an additional 8′ cable to connect to the next muzzle flash device to the next target and so forth.  The use of couplers,  allows range staff to connect 8′ cables together if longer distances between targets is required.   REMEMBER:  One system with the use of the App, controls one target or many.   However, all targets fired by range staff will fire simultaneous.   This option is strongly suggested to be used with the Portable Bluetooth Speaker, NOT the Bluetooth Earbud Headphones.
  • Patent Pending Technology.
    Invented by former law enforcement.

4 Star Package Contains:

(2) Bluetooth Receivers

(2) Hard Case with formed EVA foam

(75) Muzzle Flash Devices with Foam Applicators

(200) Muzzle Flash Foam Applicators

(100) 8’ Barrel Jack Cables

(30) Couplers

(20) Splitters

(4) RG Bluetooth Earbud Headphones

(2) Bluetooth Portable Rechargeable  800-Watt Speakers

(2) Heavy duty Speaker Stands

(2) Steel Punches

(2) Batteries – CR123

PRICE: $4,499.00









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