Owner’s Story

Owner’s Story

I retired from a law enforcement agency after 23 years of service.  Those years of training and experience made me realize, there is a void within firearm’s training for law enforcement and military.   This critical need, drove me to invent and bring to market, The Simulated Muzzle Flash System.

I strongly believed a law enforcement officer would greatly benefit from range training where the target would fire at the officer by range staff, all during live fire.  That’s correct, live fire.

During calls for service, a law enforcement officer is trained to react to the contacted persons’ actions.  The law enforcement officer is often, one step behind.   This could very well mean, being shot at first or endanger of being fired upon.  I wanted to develop a live fire training system where a law enforcement officer could “train to react,” overcoming this disadvantage.  I knew there would be value for range staff to use a system, inducing high-stress scenarios in a controlled environment.  I hoped if I could create a solution, law enforcement officers could experience meaningful repetitions, enhancing their physical and mental survival skills.   It’s a worse case scenario, range staff can work within and better prepare their staff to survive an immediate deadly attack by a person with firearm.    Lastly,  I wanted the system to be used for both, live fire training and dry fire practice.

With that, years of testing and experimenting followed and finally,  The Simulated Muzzle Flash System was created.   Now, range staff has the opportunity to train at the next level, enhancing  their reality-based scenarios.

Thank you for reading my story and considering purchasing a Simulated Muzzle Flash System.    “Train to React”

Steve Keefer,

Owner and Founder