Value Provided

Value Provided


The Muzzle Flash Simulation System provides a realistic firearm muzzle flash sight and sound, via Bluetooth Technology.  The Muzzle Flash Device attaches to your existing steel or cardboard target, capable of firing well over 100,000 times before expiring.  The Bluetooth Receiver sends a perfectly timed gunshot sound to both, the Bluetooth Headphones/External Bluetooth Speaker and the Bluetooth Muzzle Flash Device, creating an intense and stressful effect you have not experienced.  The RG App allows Range Staff to control exactly when you will be fired upon with the Simulated Muzzle Flash and Sound System.  Enhance the realistic effect of being attacked by a firearm, during live fire training with your reality based training scenarios!


  • Reactionary Gap’s Simulated Muzzle Flash System was created to improve live fire training.  Once you have experienced the realistic attack by a firearm under a controlled environment, you will begin to enhance the speed and smoothness of draws; utilize effective movement; and improve firearm proficiency in a very stressful and realistic encounter.
  • Overall, the system brings realism, excitement and challenge to law enforcement firearm training from Academy Training, Agency Range Training, Specialized Unit Training, and SWAT Training.
  • The Simulated Muzzle Flash System is easy and safe to use, attaching to your existing cardboard or steel target.
  • The Muzzle Flash Devices are fairly priced for your agency to replace one if and when it becomes damaged from a fired round.
  • The Simulated Muzzle Flash System can also be used for dry fire practice.  This allows you the value of “quality” dry fire practice while enhancing your skills and saving your Department from the costs of expensive ammunition.
  • There is simply no product similar to the Simulated Muzzle Flash System on the market for live fire training or dry fire training.
  • You will now have the opportunity to train and ‘react’ to high-stress in a controlled live fire environment, pushing the limits by emulating a realistic deadly threat.
  • Offer and prepare your sworn staff to develop and sharpen survival skills if ever faced with an immediate deadly attack by a firearm.  Train at a higher level.
  • Offer your sworn staff the ability to experience many repetitions of  high-stress scenarios, improving neuro-muscle memory.

Invented by former law enforcement.