Happy Clients

Happy Clients
“I used this system and it absolutely helped me train at a higher level.” Rodger Anderson (Madison, WI)
“It took a few times to get use to setting it up but after that it was a breeze.” Mary Mack (Antioch, CA)
“Not only is it valuable for live-fire training but to me it is more valuable to get meaningful repetitions with dry-fire at my house.  I don’t have to drive to the range.  I can go in my garage and set up my target with this system and get many quality draws in under realistic pressure.”  Phil Decker (Spokane, WA)
“Makes range training fun and exciting.” John Enger (Glendale, AZ)
“I used it with my friends and they couldn’t believe how much they improved in a short period of time.  Very realistic!”  Beth Grover (Austin, TX)
“I bought one for me and tried it out.  It was so realistic and improved my front-site acquisition, as well as getting my gun out of the holster with urgency.” Adam Powell (Colorado Springs, CO)